Maria is an engaging inspirational and motivational speaker.

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Maria can speak on a range of topics including Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, Nonviolent Communication, Mindfulness, Trauma, Negotiation, Facilitation, Mediation, Restorative Justice, Discrimination, Equality, Human Rights, Forgiveness, Communication and Relationships in any setting including Families, Communities, Education, Healthcare, Gangs, Prisons and Workplaces.

She will work with you to ensure the message is clear and audience is inspired and motivated.

We would love to answer your questions, hear your experiences, talk more about our work and explore opportunities

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Speaking engagements:

Year Event Talk Topic
2016 Sudbury Primary School, London Peer Mediation
2016 Legal Aid HQ, NY Healing and Resistance
2016 John Jay College, NY Words can be Windows or Walls
2016 The INN, Nassau County, NY Deepening the Dialogue Road Map
2016 COTA, Nassau County, NY Dialogue Road Map
2016 New School Group, Hampshire Embedding Restorative Practices
2016 Central St Martin’s, London What if everything you ever learned about conflict is wrong?
2016 Wew Visions School, New York Restorative practice in Schools
2016 Wellington College Restorative Practice in Schools
2016 EY, London The Dialogue Road Map
2016 Dartmoor prison, Dartmoor Restorative Practice
2016 Reading School, Reading Restorative Parenting
2016 New Visions School, New York Restorative Practice in Schools
2016 Conflict Resolution Group, London Dealing with difficult people
2016 SCMA Training, London The work of the charity
2016 Forgiveness Project, London Healing Family Rifts
2015 School Parents Meeting, New York Restorative Practice
2015 School Leadership, Crowthorne Mediation in Leadership
2015 School Inset Day, London Living and Learning in Harmony
2015 Primary School Parents, London Communicating with your children
2015 Head Teachers Conference, London Living and Learning in Harmony
2015 Deputy Head Teachers Conference, London Restorative Practices in Schools
2015 Mental Health Nurses Conference, Cardiff Words can be Windows or Walls
2015 Legal CSR Conference, London The Psychology of Persuasion
2015 Mental Health Masterclass, Dublin The Dialogue Road Map in Clinical Practice
2014 International Schizophrenia Masterclass, Rome  The Dialogue Road map in Clinical Practice
2014  Third Country Nationals Integration, Malta  Employing Cultural Mediators
2014  Sussex NHS Partnership Mental Health Class  The Dialogue Road Map in Clinical Practice
2014  Brent Head Teachers Conference  Restorative Practices in Schools
2014  Altcourse Prison  Restorative Practice in Prisons
2014  European Initiative, Manchester  Mediation in Business
2014  European Initiative, Leeds  Mediation in Business
2013 Forgiveness Conference, Findhorn  Mediation and Forgiveness
2013  Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Conference  Words can be Windows or Walls
2013  Civil Mediation Council Conference  Questions to a Mediator
2012  Civil Mediation Council Conference  Community Mediation
2011  Civil Mediation Council Conference  Responding to aggression
2010  Civil Mediation Council Conference  Mediating Violent Crime
2010  Northern Lights Conference, Findhorn  Restorative Practice in Schools
2010  Tony Curtis Mediation Debate  Mediation can change the world
2010  Brent Voluntary Sector Conference  Voluntary Sector in Brent